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Thinking About Talent

The Art of Getting Good People to Join Our Team We all need to get.
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Many Moving Parts

‘Unfortunately, I am unable to assist. There is so much happening at the same time’..
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A Real Estate Consultant Mindset II

Earlier this year I wrote an article on ‘Adopting a Real Estate Consultant Mindset’ that.
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Our Mental Models may be Holding Us Back from Success

Economists tell us that the Trinidad & Tobago economy has been undergoing considerable change since.
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Non Availability of Supporting Sale Documentation

What happens if Supporting Documentation is not available at the time a Sale is made?.
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Charting your Real Estate Practice in an Unknown Future

It should come as no surprise that the top business books for 2021 are all.
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10X Thinking for 2022

One of the latest business catchphrases is 10X Thinking. It has been made popular by.
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Real Estate Agents Bill 2020

Bullet Points on Legislation to highlight how Real Estate Practice will be impacted or changed.
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