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Getting the Right People on the Team

One of the surprising findings of the Jim Collins watershed research on what makes some.
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Stand-Alone Single-Family Dwelling is still the Preferred Choice

Our online survey on home ownership trends reveals that the stand-alone single-family dwelling is still.
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Real Estate Agents Bill 2020

Bullet Points on Legislation to highlight how Real Estate Practice will be impacted or changed.
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On Using A Real Estate Agent

Our recent online survey threw up some interesting information that we can use to improve.
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Prospective Homeowners Need Your Service

Agents, prospective first-time homeowners need your help in making their dreams a reality. Our recent.
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Readiness for a Collaborative Approach to your Practice

In an earlier article, we encouraged brokers and agents to adopt a collaborative approach to.
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The Pandemic Effect on Home Ownership

53% of possible first time homeowners see the pandemic as positively influencing their decision to.
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A Collaborative Approach to your Practice

The Real Estate market is becoming more complex as we work our way through the.
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