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AREA has different groups of members, depending on whether they are Real Estate Brokers and Agents or if they are involved in other aspects of the Real Estate industry.

Broker Members

Our Broker Members vary in size from the one-person Agent to large companies some of which are themselves part of larger groups. Some members specialise in property development, others in commercial properties and others in residential.

Sales Person Members

Our Sales Person Members are agents who are employed and/or engaged with a Broker Member either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Associate Members

Associate members are those which provide support services for the real estate industry. They include sources of financing, legal services and other professional services.

Multiple Listing Service

AREA has been able to establish and operate a totally computerized Multiple Listing Service database, whereby our members have access to each other’s properties, which enables them to be aware of and show at any time the properties currently listed for Sale and/or Rent. Members of the public can deal with only one agent while having the benefit of all the members of AREA working to serve them and eliminates the likelihood of viewing the same properties more than once.