Residential Broker Membership Application

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(a) Application for membership shall be made in writing to the Membership Rules & Admissions Committee. Applications shall be made upon such forms as may be approved by the Board.

(b) An applicant for Resident Broker Member must be proposed by a Resident Broker Member or a Corporate Member and seconded by one other Resident Broker Member or Corporate Member in good financial standing with the Association, one of whom must not be a member of the same firm or incorporated Company of which the applicant is a member, certifying a personal knowledge of the candidate, and vouching that he is a fit and proper person to be admitted to the respective class of membership in the profession.


No person shall be eligible to be a Resident Broker Member of the Association unless he satisfies the Board that at the date of his application he possesses the following qualifications, that is to say:

(a) He must be a resident of Trinidad & Tobago

(b) He has attained the age of twenty-one (21) years;

(c) He has satisfactorily completed such real estate courses required by the Association and either

(d) He has been a Proprietor of, Director or Partner actively engaged in a real estate brokerage business for not less that two (2) consecutive years, or

(e) He has acquired practical experience in the business of real estate for not less that three (3) years and has now become a Proprietor of, Director or Partner in a real estate brokerage business, or

(f) He has been in practice as a senior executive in the mortgage or real estate property department of a Bank, Mortgage Institution, similar organization, or Statutory Body, or holds an acceptable degree as a qualified Valuer or Surveyor and has now become a Proprietor of, Director or Partner in a real estate brokerage business, or

(g) He has been a Sales Associate Member for not less that three (3) years and has now become a Proprietor of, Director or Partner in a real estate brokerage business.

(h) Renewal of annual membership for Resident Broker Members is contingent on their attendance in the preceding calendar year at two half-day seminars or one full day seminar conducted by the Association.

(i) Should legislation be passed by the Government of Trinidad & Tobago requiring a license before anyone may practice as a real estate agent, the holding of such a license shall then be a precondition for Resident Broker Membership.

ENTRANCE FEES $400.00 plus VAT = $ 450.00

Resident Broker Membership Fees

Annual Registration Fee $2,500.00 p.a. plus VAT = $2,812.50

Organizations with more than one Resident Broker Member will be charge a fee of $2,000.00 per annum Plus VAT for each additional Resident Broker Member.

(The subscription fee for the time being includes payment for the provision one copy of the Multiple Listing Service providing there are no arrears)

NOTE: The Bye-Laws of the Association, Clause 10 state in part, “….all membership dues shall be payable from the First day of January in each year and must be paid no later than the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting of the Association in any year.”

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