Disciplinary Process

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Any person may lodge with the Secretary a complaint against a member of the Association for any breaches of the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules andRegulations, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, minimum Schedule ofCommissions and Fees, or of any other regulation as may from time to time beestablished, or any other business conduct tending to bring discredit on theAssociation or on the real estate profession.

Such a complaint must be filed within ninety (90) days after the date upon whichoccurred the event giving rise to the complaint. The complaint shall be made inwriting, signed by the complainant and shall specify the member complainedagainst, and the offence with which the member is being charged.Any member against whom a complaint is filed shall be duly informed of thecomplaint made against him by the Secretary in writing and be given fullopportunity of presenting his defence in writing. The matter may then be dealtwith by the Board of Directors or be referred by the Board to the Disciplinary andEthics Committee for further investigation.

The Secretary shall serve upon the member concerned a written notice of thedate, time and place of the meeting at which the complaint will be consideredeither by the Board of Directors or the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee. Thisdate shall not be less that ten (10) days after the serving of the notice.Any member who refuses, declines, fails or neglects to defend himself whencalled upon by the Board of Directors or the Disciplinary and Ethics Committeewhen a complaint against him has been filed, shall be subject to reprimand, fine,suspension or expulsion by a vote of the Board as prescribed for in the Rulesand Regulations. Such refusal, decline, failure or neglect may also constitute asan admission of the charges or complaint against him.

Where the matter has been referred to the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee,after investigation, the Committee shall notify the Board of Directors of thefindings and make recommendations as to what action should be taken.The Secretary shall then write to the accused member inviting him to appearbefore the Board for final determination of the matter when requested to do so,such notice to be not less that ten (10) days before the date fixed for the meeting.The Secretary shall also send written notification of the determination of thematter to the parties to the complaint.