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(a) Application for membership shall be made in writing to the Membership Rules & Admissions Committee.  Applications shall be made upon such forms as may be approved by the Board.

(b) An applicant for Corporate Member must be proposed by either a Resident Broker Member or a Corporate

Member and seconded by one other Resident Broker Member/Corporate Member in good financial standing with the Association, one of whom must not be a member of the same firm or incorporated Company of which the

applicant is a member, certifying a personal knowledge of the candidate, and vouching that he is a fit and proper person to be admitted to the respective class of membership in the profession.


No Company, Institution or Organization shall be eligible to be a Corporate Member of the Association unless it satisfies the Membership Rules & Admissions Committee that at the date of his application he possesses the following qualifications, that is to say:

(a) It has a department engaged extensively in the provision of the following services – Property Development, Banking and Finance, Insurance and Risk Management, Attorneys Licensed to Practice Law, Licensed Real Property Valuator, Mortgage Broker, General Contractor (Category GC), Licensed Architect, Licensed Civil, Structural or Environmental Engineer, National Service Providers, Investment Management, Property Management, or other services to corporate and public pension funds, endowments, foundations, or such other service conducting business in Trinidad and Tobago and deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

(b) A Corporate Member may only be represented in the Association by one or more Officials appointed by the Corporate Member in accordance with it Corporate class of Membership.

Corporate Membership Fees

Entrance Fee $400.00 plus VAT = $450.00
FULL Corporate – unlimited representatives $6,300.00 p.a. plus VAT
STANDARD Corporate – up to 6 representatives $3,520.00 p.a. plus VAT
BASIC Corporate – up to 3 representatives $2,500.00 p.a. plus VAT
ACADEMIC Institution – 1 representative $1,000.00 p.a. plus VAT

(The subscription fee for the time being includes payment for the provision one copy of the Multiple Listing Service providing there are no arrears)

NOTE: The Bye-Laws of the Association, Clause 10 state in part, “….all membership dues shall be payable from the First day of January in each year and must be paid no later than the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting of the Association in any year.”

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