Disciplinary Process

Maintaining ethical conduct and professionalism is paramount in real estate. A robust disciplinary process exists to address any concerns about members’ conduct, protecting both individuals and the industry’s reputation.

Anyone can raise concerns about potential breaches of ethical codes, regulations, or behavior reflecting poorly on the profession. Formal complaints must be submitted within a specific timeframe.

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Upholding Integrity:

Real Estate's Disciplinary Process

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Making A Complaint

Any person may make a complaint against a member of the Association for any breaches of the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, minimum Schedule of Commissions and Fees, or any other regulation, or for any behaviour that may bring them into disrepute, or discredit the Association or the real estate profession as a whole.

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Filing A Complaint

Such a complaint must be filed with AREA’s Secretary within ninety (90) days of the event giving rise to the complaint. The complaint shall be made in writing on the complaint form, signed by the complainant and shall specify the member complained against, and the offence with which the member is being charged.

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Any member against whom a complaint is filed shall be duly informed of the complaint in writing, by the Secretary, and be given full opportunity of presenting his defence in writing. The matter may then be dealt with by the Board of Directors or be referred by the Board to the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee for further investigation.

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Investigation of a Complaint

Following preliminary investigation, the Board of Directors/Disciplinary & Ethics Committee may contact or request further information from either or both parties and if necessary, arrange to meet with either party.

Refusal to Co-operate

Any member who refuses, declines, fails or neglects to defend himself when called upon by the Board of Directors or the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee when a complaint against him has been filed, shall be subject to reprimand, fine, suspension or expulsion by a vote of the Board as prescribed for in the Rules and Regulations. Such refusal, decline, failure or neglect may constitute or be viewed as an admission of guilt.

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Findings of the Disciplinary Committee

After investigation by the Disciplinary & Ethics Committee, its findings shall be notified to the Board of Directors with recommendations as to what action(s) should be taken.

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Notification of findings to both parties to the complaint

The Secretary shall then write to the parties informing them of the findings of the Committee and the recommended follow up action as approved by the Board of Directors.