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Mask Group 117

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Resident Broker Members

Our Resident Broker Members can be individuals working alone or large agencies. Their specialisations can vary from land development to commercial real estate, property management, to the full range of residential properties for sale or rent.

Sales Associate Members

Our Sales Associate Members are agents who are employed by or contracted to a Broker Member, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. Sales Associates are expected to work under the supervision of a Broker for a minimum of two years before they qualify to apply for Broker Membership.

Corporate Members

Corporate Members are those business entities who work directly in some aspect of the real estate sector such as developers, or who provide support services to it, such as financial, legal, land surveying and valuing.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate members who are retired Resident Broker or Sales Associate members no longer actively doing real estate and Administrative Staff of Resident Broker, retired Broker or Corporate members.