Area Board of Directors

M. Edghill

Mark Edghill

Appointed: 2018

Mark Edghill has been involved in the real estate industry since 2003 with the establishment of Key West Limited, based in West Trinidad, some five years after completing the Principles of Real Estate Sales course at ROYTEC.

With extensive training and a strong background in Sales, Marketing and Management, Mark has acquired a wealth of knowledge from his work in the Construction Industry, Local and Regional Sales and Brand Management and Electrical Management Consulting. In addition to his involvement in the Real Estate Industry, Mark currently owns and operates a retail clothing outlet and wholesale distribution company which supplies a diverse range of tools, hardware and accessories.

With a desire for change, problem solving and improvement in how Real Estate is practiced in Trinidad and Tobago, Mark has welcomed the opportunity to join the AREA Board of Directors to assist in the already extensive efforts being pursued by AREA to give structure and control to the industry.

S. Singh

Sally Singh

Vice President
Appointed: 2015

Mrs. Sally Singh is a Broker at S² Real Estate Services and has had in excess of twelve (12) years experience in the Real Estate industry. Prior to her current position as President, Mrs. Singh served the Association in the capacity of Vice President in 2014-2015 and has been on the Board of Directors since 2013.

Mrs. Singh is a Graduate of the University of the West Indies, where she holds a Masters in International Relations and a Bachelor of Arts in History and Politics.  She also holds a Diploma in Real Estate Brokerage from the UWI School of Business & Applied Studies Ltd. (UWI/ROYTEC) and a Diploma in Marketing from the Jamaica Institute of Management.

In addition to her Academic Qualifications, Mrs. Singh has attended and participated in numerous Seminars and Training Programs, as part of her on-going quest for continuous professional development.  This includes Certificates in Principles of Real Estate Sales and Real Estate Valuation.

She also has regional experience, having worked in Jamaica, at Real Estate – Jamaica and The Investor’s Choice, thereby allowing her to gain a regional perspective on Business and Investments.

Professionalism, high standards of ethics and integrity in the real estate industry and its practitioners are at the forefront of the thrust of this President. Legislation for this sector features high on her agenda as Mrs. Singh and her team are working diligently with the authoritative bodies including the Ministry of Legal Affairs towards the passage of the Real Estate Professional Bill.

Mrs. Singh strongly believes in continuous improvement  through education to uplift the level of service provided by Real Estate practitioners in the industry and champions the impetus for increased and vibrant membership.

Dawn Glaisher

Dawn Glaisher

Director/Hon. Secretary
Appointed: 1997

Dawn Glaisher graduated from the University of Lancaster, UK, with a 2nd Class Honours Degree in English and after working for 20 years in the British Industry, she returned to Trinidad and Tobago, where she has been involved in the Tobago Real Estate Market for the past 19 years.

Initially employed as a Divisional Manager with Nealco Real Estate (part of the Neal and Massy Group, Trinidad), she set up Nealco’s Tobago office, eventually starting her own Agency, Sea Jade Investments in 2000.

Dawn is very involved in drafting legislation to regulate the real estate industry, serving on the Taxation and Legislation Committee of the Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA).  She is a Broker Member, Director and the Honorary Secretary of the Association.

M. Cipriani-Ortiz

Marisa Cipriani-Ortiz

Appointed: 2015

Marisa Cipriani-Ortiz is the Sole Owner/Broker of her Company, Marisa Cipriani-Ortiz Real Estate Services, in operation for the past seven (7) years, specializing in the sales and rentals of both residential and commercial properties in Trinidad and Tobago.

Prior to this, she spent three (3) years as a Sales Agent with Key West Limited. Marisa has over fifteen (15) years combined experience in the Banking and Insurance sectors before taking the plunge into the challenging and exciting field of Real Estate and now has made this her lifelong career.

She completed the Principles of Real Estate Sales course at Roytec in 2006 and was in the first batch of students to graduate from Roytec with a Diploma in Real Estate Brokerage in 2014. She is very committed and dedicated to providing the best professional and efficient services to her clients and operates her business with integrity. She considers this her privilege, pleasure and passion.

Marisa embraced the opportunity to join AREA’s Board of Directors to become part of the process to help streamline the industry in the area of legislation and professionalism.

N. Drysdale

Natalie Drysdale

Appointed: 2015

Natalie Drysdale is a Graduate of Baruch College, New York, where she completed her Degree in Business, B.B.A. She also has a Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Henley School of Business in the United Kingdom.

Natalie has been working in the Real Estate Industry for over thirteen (13) years where she gained a wealth of knowledge in many areas including Development Planning, Design, Construction, Community Management and Sales during the four (4) years working with Home Construction Limited and being part of the project team for developments. During her tenure there, she also successfully completed the AREA Principles of Real Estate Course at U.W.I./Roytec and then a Community Management Course in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

In 2007, she moved on to become Part Owner of a newly Incorporated Real Estate Company called Nationwide Real Estate & Property Management Limited. To date, Natalie continues to expand her knowledge in Real Estate Services and gain additional knowledge and experience in the Property Management field.

Natalie’s passion for the industry and desire to ensure Professional Standards are maintained therein, moved her to join AREA with the view of making positive contributions towards these ongoing efforts. She embraces the opportunity to serve as a member of the Board.

M. Edghill

Reya Gosein

Appointed: 2018

R. Saunders

Richard Saunders

Appointed: 2000

Richard Saunders is an Honours Graduate in Electrical Engineering, University of West Indies and currently a Director of the Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA). He pursued Post Graduate Studies, M.S.c Electronic Instrumentation, at University of Wales, Swansea, United Kingdom and Diploma, Public Enterprises Management, at the Indian Institute of Management Ahemedabad, India.

Mr. Saunders has been a senior executive for over twenty- five (25) years with significant involvement in Real Estate, Property Development, Property Management, Marketing and Engineering.

Over the years, Mr. Saunders has actively participated in several Multidisciplinary teams working on the conceptualization, reengineering and repositioning of commercial assets under management. This experience has for the past decade involved close collaboration with local and foreign experts to realize lifestyle concepts in development of community facilities.

Mr. Saunders is currently a President Elect, Association of Professional Engineers, and a fomer Vice President of Trinidad and Tobago Group of Professional Association Limited, (TTGPA).He is presently the Managing Director of Vicar Enterprises Limited, a company providing consultancy services to clients with portfolios in Property Development and Real Estate Services.


Sasha Anton

Director (Sales Associate representative)
Appointed: 2018.


Mark Farrell

Director (Corporate Members representative)
Appointed: 2018


Ravi Dolsingh

Director (Attorney-at-Law)