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Yes, I Can Succeed in this Market

One of the common comments that I hear from many business-persons is that one cannot succeed in this present market. This or similar comments are usually followed by a list of negatives such as the present pandemic, the state of the economy, the physical ‘lockdown’ and the reduced activities of the mortgage institutions. While all[...]
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Continuous Professional Education

As change is constant it becomes almost imperative to keep progressing in our professional education. The best option to keep up with this is to use Continuing Professional Education programmes to stay ahead of the curve. Continuous learning results in superior growth in your career. If you want to achieve greater success in your professional[...]
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Starting Your Career

You may have passed your “Principles of Real Estate Sales” (PORES) Course, but there’s still so much to learn about prospecting for leads, cultivating strong relationships with clients, negotiating the sales process, and guiding a transaction smoothly to the closing table. As with starting any career it is essential to create a good career plan.[...]
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Disruption Strategy

At present I am reading the book ‘Spanish Trinidad’ by Francisco Padron, which deals with the 300 years of Spanish rule of Trinidad, 1498 to 1797. The book draws on the original historical archives in Spain. In Chapter 1, it relates, in vivid details, the first-hand account of Christopher Columbus and his fleet, first sighting[...]
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As We Begin A New Year

One of the benefits of having a New Year is that it gives us an opportunity to start again and embark in a new direction. For most of us, 2020 was an ‘annus horribilis’ and ‘in the midst of it all’, it was difficult to see the forest from the trees. But a New Year[...]
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