Thinking About Talent

The Art of Getting Good People to Join Our Team We all need to get good persons to join our team. Whether it is as an employee, an associate, a business partner, a six-a-side football team member, or another member of our church ministry, we would like to have persons with talent who also make[...]

Many Moving Parts

‘Unfortunately, I am unable to assist. There is so much happening at the same time’. This was the response, from a colleague to a request from the chair of a group, to which I belong. His response resonated with me, as I have been saying ‘there are so many moving parts’, in reference to the[...]

A Real Estate Consultant Mindset II

Earlier this year I wrote an article on ‘Adopting a Real Estate Consultant Mindset’ that was well received. I am following up on that article with a part II capturing what it means to have a Real Estate Consultant mindset. A real estate consultant provides advice to clients—commercial real estate investors, lenders, or property developers—to[...]

Our Mental Models may be Holding Us Back from Success

Economists tell us that the Trinidad & Tobago economy has been undergoing considerable change since 2017 and this change has been further exacerbated by the pandemic. They go on to suggest that such change requires us to change our approach to our Real Estate practice. Yet many of us continue to operate as business as[...]

Non Availability of Supporting Sale Documentation

What happens if Supporting Documentation is not available at the time a Sale is made? When a house is being sold, there is a bundle of supporting documentation needed by the Buyer’s Attorney (and the bank if the Buyer is borrowing) which the Vendor must make available once the Sale Agreement is signed.  But what[...]

10X Thinking for 2022

One of the latest business catchphrases is 10X Thinking. It has been made popular by Grant Cardone in his book, the 10X Rule and by Google’s Founder, Larry Page, who made this startling statement, “It’s often easier to make something 10 times better than it is to make it 10 percent better.” As with all[...]

Real Estate Agents Bill 2020

Bullet Points on Legislation to highlight how Real Estate Practice will be impacted or changed BACKGROUND TO REAL ESTATE LEGISLATION  |  Since 1990, AREA has worked on draft Legislation to regulate the Real Estate industry, and with the help of the Attorney General’s office from 2017, we finally got our Bill passed on June 1,[...]

On Using A Real Estate Agent

Our recent online survey threw up some interesting information that we can use to improve the marketing of our Real Estate Practice. A full 41% of persons seeking to purchase their own home were not planning on using the services of a Real Estate Agent. This presents a golden opportunity to promote the advantages of[...]

Prospective Homeowners Need Your Service

Agents, prospective first-time homeowners need your help in making their dreams a reality. Our recent online survey yielded a wealth of information on the challenges prospective first-time homeowners face. Top among them was ‘Can’t find an ideal Property’ from 47% of respondents. This is great news for Real Estate Agents. It means your search for[...]