Ten Steps to Digital Marketing Success for New Real Estate Agents

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Ten Steps to Digital Marketing Success for New Real Estate Agents

One of the challenges in starting a new career as a Real Estate Agent is marketing oneself. Even the word marketing today can be somewhat confusing. Many think it has evolved into ‘Digital Marketing’. But does the phrase Digital Marketing mean the same as Marketing?

The literature defines Digital Marketing as a component of marketing that utilizes the Internet and online capable devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers in conjunction with online software technology. The key point here, to note, is that Digital Marketing does not replace traditional marketing and is better defined as Marketing Tactics. Students of Marketing are taught that there are Marketing Strategy and Marketing Tactics.

Marketing Strategy is selecting the preferred target customer segment, figuring out what value you will offer this customer segment and crafting a message to communicate the value to the customer segment. Marketing Tactics are the tasks one takes to make the strategy effective.

As a new Real Estate Agent one has to first decide on one’s Marketing Strategy as defined above and then roll out this strategy using Digital Marketing Tactics. The following Ten Steps offer a simple process whereby one can produce both a Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing Tactics.

Step 1 – Join a top Real Estate Brokerage and determine which segments of customers they get most of their business from.

Step 2 – Figure out which customer segment served is best suited to your style, interest and passion. Forge your path towards this customer segment.

Step 3 – Start to build relationships with this customer segment leveraging the agents who work this segment. Make sure you are adding value to these Real Estate Agents, not just piggybacking on their practice.

Step 4 – Set a Marketing Budget that you can sustain on a monthly basis.

Step 5 – Write down a two paragraphs description of what unique value you intend to offer this customer segment – Your Story.

Step 6 – Create or hire an expert to create high quality Digital Marketing Content that tells this story in an entertaining manner.

Step 7 – Distribute this high quality content through as many digital media as possible, concentrating on those media that are most consumed by your target customer segment.

Step 8 – Maintain regular presence (on minimum weekly) on the digital platforms. Plan your content for each week of the upcoming month in advance. Over time build your personal brand.

Step 9 – Encourage client testimonials which are communicated through your media.

Step 10 – Build a sales pipeline of leads, prospects, customers and clients. Put in the hard work.

Wishing you all success in your new career.