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Digitize Your Real Estate Data

One of the benefits of the Coronavirus pandemic is the speed at which businesses switched to an online model. Almost overnight we had online religious services, with attending rule changes to facilitate the online model, the University of West Indies switched to online classes and exams, the Legal System went online with cases being heard[...]
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Be Aware of Your Mental Models

As we begin resumption of our Real Estate practice after the pandemic lockdown, many of us will be thinking of resuming our way of work. However many things have changed, chief among them are i) There are new Protocols for Real Estate in keeping with proper health guidelines ii) The economy has changed and bank[...]
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Notice from AREA

Dear Members:  We hope this message finds you well and safely distanced. This period of isolation is so important to how, as a country, we come through the COVID-19 pandemic.  Essential Workers  As you know, real estate agents are not considered “essential workers” and therefore not permitted to go out and practice real estate at this time.[...]
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Approaching 2020 Positively

As we start 2020 after many years of lacklustre Real Estate business, we are tempted to adopt a pessimistic outlook, but this is exactly what we do not need. There are many positive signs, if embraced, can lead to us to having a very good 2020. The market for Real Estate seemed to have bottomed[...]
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Marketing Real Estate Services

In the book, ‘Marketing Services’ by Leonard L. Berry and A. Parasuraman, they detail ‘An Integrative Framework for Marketing Services’ such as Real Estate services. Their central argument in the book is the essence of services marketing is service. Service quality is the foundation of services marketing. They highlight the importance of customer-friendly service designs.[...]
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