Success Starts in the Mind

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Success Starts in the Mind

All success starts in the mind. As Napoleon Hill says in his iconic book, Think and Grow Rich, ‘Success starts with Desire and a belief that you can attain the Desire.’

It is no different with your ambition to succeed as a Real Estate Agent. What is your desire? Is it a burning Desire? And do you fill your minds with positive thoughts that you can achieve it?

Every Real Estate Agent has had moments when they lose confidence and think negatively, but the difference between those who succeed and those that eventually leave the practice, is the ability to overcome these dark nights with positive confident thoughts. So how does one nurture these confident thoughts? We would like to share a few suggestions with you.

Nurture a Belief in God. When we believe there is a benevolent creator supporting us when we mark positive contributions to society, if we give the best service we are capable of rendering, and this creator is all powerful and can influence the happenings in this world far greater than any evil force working against us, we gain confidence to press on smartly. When this belief is coupled with prayer you create a force working with you that can overcome any obstacle.

Be Part of a Supportive Team. There are widely held myths of the success of going it alone, of the lone cowboy or lone superhero beating back the evil villains. The stark reality is that all successful persons have a supportive team working with them. The greatest athletes have coaches, managers, agents, physiotherapists and dietitians. In fact, world class performers have supportive teams that can number up to twenty persons. So work with a supportive team and get all the help you can get.

Be Productive with your Time. The most valuable resource you own is your working time, use it wisely. At the end of each day, review how you spent your time during the day. Could you have spent it more productively? Where are the time wasters? Are you spending your most productive time reading newspapers? Are you spending too much time on Facebook and Social Media? Can you work smarter? Then plan an agenda for the following day. Make a plan and work your plan.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle. Avoid dissipating activities such as excessive drinking, over eating or too much old talking. Eat healthy foods, a good breakfast (go easy on the doubles), a healthy lunch (go easy on the junk food), increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Exercise regularly and make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

Control you Mental State through Mindful Meditation. Learn to take control of your ‘monkey mind’ state, i.e. the inability to concentrate because your minds is always jumping from one thought to another, that leaves you day dreaming for long periods of time, by taking classes in meditation. Mindful meditation or religious meditation teaches techniques to let thoughts drift by without taking hold of you.

Choose a Positive Mantra. Select and adopt a positive mantra or phrase that you can repeat to yourselves at times during the day to keep you positive. This mantra could be in the form of a short prayer. Make it positive such as ‘God, I trust in your held this day!’

Take time to Sharpen your Saw. Invest time and money in continuous education. Do not believe you know everything in your field. Always be a learner. Attend short courses and workshops that will sharpen you Real Estate skills. Purchase good books on Real Estate and make time to read them.

Be Gentle with Yourself. Finally, do not be too harsh on yourself. Do not despair when you experience failure. Every day is a fishing day but not every day is a catching day. Do not overwork, live a balanced lifestyle. Work smart. Do the big things first, concentrate on your Strategy and work your tactics like routine. And always remember ‘God loves you!’