Readiness for a Collaborative Approach to your Practice

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Readiness for a Collaborative Approach to your Practice

In an earlier article, we encouraged brokers and agents to adopt a collaborative approach to their Real Estate practice and while the article was received with enthusiasm, some persons responded that many appeared to be not able to collaborate. This highlighted the fact that persons must be ready for collaboration. Collaboration occurs as a result of a deliberate choice and this choice can be made effectively only by those who saw a developmental readiness for collaboration. A person must possess the maturity to collaborate.

We therefore challenge each practitioner to develop the following characteristics which are the building blocks of adopting a collaborative mindset to their practice:


Trust requires we adopt an underlying belief that the other person is basically supportive of you and does not intend harm. A trusting individual attempts to reinstate a climate and attitude of trust when trust has been broken. Collaboration is impossible unless there is a basic trust among the individuals involved.


Collaboration requires the ability to function both independently and cooperatively. Autonomous adults are able to:

  • Be self-governing
  • Listen to suggestions from others
  • Appreciate persons uniqueness including their own
  • Be bold in making decisions
  • Be willing to make difficult choices


Collaboration demands taking risks and attempting new things despite possible failure; to be able to accept setbacks without paralysis; the ability to begin and stay with projects until completion; to take the initiative in changing difficult situations; to not allow fear of criticism prevent them from taking action. A great part of the success of Silicon Valley companies is the willingness to try new things and accept failure as a cost of doing business.


Industry is the capacity to work cooperatively with others; be willing to enter situations that require ‘give and take’; to be free from over-competitiveness; to be oriented to the success of the group or industry and to be able to share on the level of ideas. Cooperative industry involves the ability to relate in a personal way while at the same time, sharing in success and failure.


Collaborative persons are comfortable with themselves. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and have realistic expectations of themselves and others. They relate freely with others as equals and relate well with those in authority. They are flexible in thinking and decision-making. They are willing to adapt their ideas for the common good.


They are capable of establishing, building and maintaining relationships. They are willing to share their experiences and feelings and relate comfortably with different genders. Collaborative persons bring their whole being to the process of building relationships.


Not everyone who wants to collaborate has the ability to do so but, this should not be perceived as a source of hopelessness. One can start the development work to build the maturity. Every person possesses the capacity for growth and can become more collaborative if they work on developing the characteristics highlighted in this article.