Sales Associate Membership


  1. Application for membership shall be made in writing to the Membership Rules & Admissions Committee. Applications shall be made upon such forms as may be approved by the Board.
  2. An applicant for Sales Associate Member must be certified by the Resident Broker Member with whom he/she is employed that, he/she is a fit and proper person to be admitted as a Sales Associate Member.

Sales Associate Membership

A person shall be eligible to be a Sales Associate Member if he possesses the following qualifications, that is to say:

  1. He must be a resident of Trinidad & Tobago.
  2. He has attained the age of eighteen (18) years.
  3. He is employed or engaged on a full time or part time basis by a Resident Broker Member as a Real Estate Sales Person. All Resident Broker Members must inform the Association of all Sales Persons employed or engaged by them and on satisfactory completion of a probationary period not to exceed six (6) months an application for Sales Person membership must be submitted to the Association for approval.
  4. Certificate of Completion of the “Principles of Real Estate Sales” Course conducted by Roytec. Note: If not in possession of Certificate upon application, the applicant will be required to pursue the course within one year of becoming a member
  5. Annual Registration of Sales Associate Members is contingent on their attendance in the preceding calendar year at two half-day seminars or one full day seminar conducted by the Association.
  6. If a Sales Person whose employment ceases with a Resident Broker Member, ceases to be a Member of the Association unless he/she is re-employed by another Resident Broker Member of the Association.
  7. A Sales Person leaving the employer of a Resident Broker Member to establish his/her own Agency must reapply to the Association for Resident Broker Membership.
  8. A Sales Person is not entitled to apply for Resident Broker Membership if he/she is in the employ of a Broker who is not a member.



(Sales Associate Members will be provided with a copy of the Multiple Listing Service through the Broker Member for whom they work. Additional copies for this purpose may be made available by the Association to Broker Members for a fee to be determined by the Board of Directors.)

NOTE: The Bye-Laws of the Association, Clause 10 state in part, “….all membership dues shall be payable from the First day of January in each year and must be paid no later than the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting of the Association in any year.”

Entrance Fees

$100.00 plus VAT


Sales Associate Membership Fees

Annual Registration Fee
$3300.00 p.a. plus VAT