Two Doves and Making Customers Happy

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Two Doves and Making Customers Happy

A few weeks ago, a large, white tip tail dove made her nest on one of the rafters of our roof. This was followed by two young chicks squawking in eager anticipation of food, whenever the mother returned to her nest. We in the house watched steadily the development of the young birds as they grew. Eventually they became so big that it was a tight squeeze for mother and her two young ones to fit into the now under sized nest.

Then last Sunday mother seemed to increase the period between visits. The chicks by now were making too much of a demand on her ability to feed them. As the day wore on and mother was not to be seen the two chicks seemed to be getting restless. Then at a few minutes after 3pm one of the chicks ventured off in a perfectly executed flight across the yard onto the top of the perimeter yard fence. I was astonished by the flight as this was its first attempt and it was so well executed.

The other chick remained quietly in the nest. Later that evening mother returned and fed and settled in next to the remaining chick. Today as I write on the following Tuesday she is still there and mother continues to come and feed. The incident triggered my thoughts on personality differences. What made one chick so bold and adventurous and the other so homely. They were both born the same day, as far as we are aware, they were the same size, yet one is gone and the other remains.

And so it is with children and the family home, some leave others stay. Some roam and others settle down to making a nest of their own. Birds are different and so are humans. Personalities differ. As Real Estate Agents our job is to take the time to understand our potential customers personality types. And offer solutions to both buyers and sellers in keeping with their personalities and by extension their dreams. When we do, we not only make a successful sale, but we also fulfil dreams and make different personalities happy.