The Pandemic Effect on Home Ownership

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The Pandemic Effect on Home Ownership

53% of possible first time homeowners see the pandemic as positively influencing their decision to purchase

Our recent online survey has indicated that the pandemic is influencing persons to seek to purchase their own home. 53% of possible first-time home buyers sited the pandemic as influencing their decision.

Has the pandemic influenced your decision to seek to purchase your own home?

The pandemic seems to be making persons more aware that they need to have their own home. 55% indicated the pandemic is making home ownership urgent. And 33% sited the pandemic as creating a need to move their family to a new community.

How is the pandemic influencing your decision to purchase your own home.

Other reasons cited include:

  • A need for more space to segregate family members and
  • Landlords are unsympathetic to the times we are living in

As brokers and agents, we see this as an opportunity to help these persons fulfill their dreams of home ownership.