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Jean-Paul joined Terra Caribbean in 2003. With years of strong strategic market knowledge and experience in sales management since 1996 in both Trinidad and the UK, he became a Director in 2009. Professionally, Jean-Paul was also elected a director on the AREA board in 2019.

He is best known for his analytical approach when understanding customers’ needs, particularly in the commercial property segment. His objective is to present to the customer an unparalleled level of service through product knowledge and attention to detail. Jean-Paul has established an impressive clientele which includes the Kimberly Clarke-Corporation, Shell Lubricants Caribbean Limited, the Unilever Corporation, Microsoft, Alcoa and the Massy Group of Companies.

Aside from sales, Jean-Paul enjoys fitness and fitness events, real estate development and is a member of The Queen’s Park Cricket Club and the Trinidad and Tobago Yacht Club.


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