Success Is Coming Your Way…Be Open To It

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Success Is Coming Your Way…Be Open To It

Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist and behavioral scientist who won the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences has claimed the following as his favourite equation:

Success = talent + luck
Great Success = a little more talent + a lot of luck

And in the bestselling book, Outliners, written by Malcolm Gladwell, the central thesis is that while talent and dedicated practice are necessary for success, early advantage and privileged social standing are what truly make outstanding successful persons.

It seems that circumstances, luck or Divine Providence play a far greater role in our success than the world normally gives it credit. In our careers as Real Estate Professionals we would like to think that it is our talent and hard work that determine our success, playing down the good breaks that come our way.

If circumstances, luck and Divine Providence play such an important role, it is wise to pay attention to the circumstances that occur in our lives and in the promptings of our subconscious. So often a particular person calls or a thought crosses our mind or we get the urge to visit this person, or someone asks us to get involved in a social project, and we dismiss it, to focus on the work or plan at hand, saying to ourselves “I am too busy”.

If so, we may be dismissing the good luck that was about to come our way. Instead take advantage of the circumstances and promptings of our subconscious. Remain open to the environment and do not get closed in on your work plans.

Believe that Divine Providence is working towards your success, think positive and be open to the circumstances, good and bad, that come into your life, it may be your opportunity for success.