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Continuous Professional Education

As change is constant it becomes almost imperative to keep progressing in our professional education. The best option to keep up with this is to use Continuing Professional Education programmes to stay ahead of the curve. Continuous learning results in superior growth in your career. If you want to achieve greater success in your professional career, continuous education is the way forward.

What is Continuing Professional Education?

Continuous Professional Education refers to the process of training and developing professional knowledge and skills through independent, participation-based or interactive learning. This form of learning allows professionals to improve their capabilities with the help of certified learning. Real Estate Courses for professionals should reflect their current expectations as well as future ambitions. As your career develops, the knowledge and skills you require will also evolve. This is where continuous education will come to your rescue and help you steer your career in the future.

The following are topics that as a Real Estate Professional you will need to continuously educate yourself in:

(1) Principles and Strategies of Real Estate Sales. This will include:

  • Broker Operating Procedure
  • Marketing of the Listing
  • Renting and Leasing of Properties
  • Sales Techniques

(2) Financing for Real Estate. This will include the different types of Real Estate Financing:

  • How to obtain a Mortgage?
  • Latest requirements by Mortgage Institutions
  • Staying abreast of Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Regulations.

(3) Appraisals and Principles of Estimating Value for Real Estate properties. This will include details of building construction.

(4) Property Management. The day-to-day management of real estate, from screening tenants to arranging for repairs and maintenance.

(5) Knowledge of the details of the recent Real Estate Act.

(6) Knowledge of Real Estate Contracts. This will include:

  • Elements of a Real Estate Lease and Sale Contract
  • Knowledge of Deeds and the Transfer of Ownership
  • Basics of Land Surveys

(7) Elements of negotiation and negotiation skills.

Continuous Professional Education is most effective when it is part of a structured, planned process. Yet it is specifically tailored to meet your individual needs and the topics are taught by persons with the necessary expertise, experience and skills.

It is advisable to create short-term and long-term objectives while implementing a structured learning plan. It should be geared to keeping you up to date with the latest trends and learn new skills and improve your performance at work.

Engaging in continuous professional education will boost your self-confidence and enhance your professional reputation. It will also provide concrete proof of your professionalism and commitment.

This should not take up too much of your time as today there are a variety of education delivery methods such as online training programmes; learning-focused seminars and conferences; workshops and events and lectures.

You can also engage in self-directed learning by studying publications written by industry experts; listening to industry-specific podcasts and following industry-specific news.

We hope you will take this advice and develop and follow through on a Continuous Professional Development programme.