Are the Best Agents the Most Intelligent and Skilled Agents in the Market?

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All great ideas evolve into hard work!!

There is the mistaken belief that one has to be very intelligent and skilled to succeed in the Real Estate Industry.  While it is certainly helpful to be intelligent and knowledgeable in the field of Real Estate, this of itself is no guarantee of success.

As in all endeavours, it is hard work and good customer service that are the essential ingredients for success.  In my long career in Sales and Marketing, I have seen many mediocre school performers become ignited in these fields of business and so driven to put in long hours applying themselves to serving their customers.

For someone to succeed in this field, he or she has to be willing to work the numbers.  By this I mean, secure the number of qualified new leads each day, attend the number of interviews with vendors and potential clients and close the number of satisfied sales that generate a large number of referrals.

Successful agents focus on serving clients needs and not on discussing the state of the economy.  They are driven to make their clients satisfied with the sale.  They put in the requisite number of hours to ensure all paperwork is accurately completed.

One successful agent I know offers 24/7 service via his mobile phone.  Using person to person voice mails, text messages and whatsapp, he is always available for consultation.  He has told me, he has responded to clients messages coming in at wee hours of the morning.  It comes as no surprise that he has a portfolio of satisfied clients with a large six figure income.

So the next time you find yourself trying to understand the explanation of the Central Bank as to why there is actually no shortage of US$ in the market, put down the newspapers, pick up the phone and call a client.  Your time will be better spent and you would be working towards your success.