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Climate Change is Here, Let’s Prepare

Climate Change is Here, Let’s Prepare Are you as astounded like me with the: Record heat wave in October An Unusually dry October Unusually … More

Making Sales Plans & Sales Reports Work for You

Making Sales Plans & Sales Reports Work for You One of the most tedious tasks for Sales Managers is to get Sales Agents to … More

Mobile Internet Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry

Mobile Internet Technology is changing the Real Estate Industry Recently I had the good fortune of meeting with an old friend who is now … More

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

The quickest way to achieve success in your Real Estate practice is to find someone who has achieved success in Real Estate and use … More

Selling is a Process because Buying is a Process

Buying a Property is usually the biggest purchase most of us will make in our lifetime. Be aware that making this large purchase is … More

Financial Literacy

A Real Estate Professional must posses a good working knowledge of Financial Principles. Investing in Real Estate either as a home or as a … More

Lessons from the Book ‘Great By Choice’ by Jim Collins and Morten Hansen

Jim Collins, is a best-selling Business Author and Business Consultant who wrote the best-selling business classics: Build to Last Good to Great Great by … More

Great Service to the Buyer is a Key to Success as a Real Estate Agent

In a previous article, we highlighted the fact that, the key to success as a Real Estate Agent is excellent service to your customers. … More

Great Service is the Key to Success as a Real Estate Agent

The key to success in every endeavour is excellent service to your customers and it is not different as a Real Estate Agent. A … More

Mobile Internet Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry

The internet and mobile internet technology are reshaping how Real Estate services are being delivered. The customer is quickly adopting a mobile lifestyle and … More

Perseverance an Integral Ingredient in achieving Success

There are times in every business and every career when we experience failure. At age 30, after initial success with Apple, Steve Jobs was … More

Success Starts in the Mind

All success starts in the mind. As Napoleon Hill says in his iconic book, Think and Grow Rich, ‘Success starts with Desire and a … More

Budgeting for your Real Estate Business

Another of the best practices highlighted at AREA’s Best Practices for Real Estate 2015, is the importance of Budgeting and the management of income … More

Business Protocols for Real Estate

At the recent Best Practices for Real Estate 2015 Seminar, Mr. Mark Edghill delivered a presentation on Real Estate Protocol and Business Practices in … More

A Professional Real Estate Agent

Recently there was a post on our Facebook page asking for comments on “What is a Professional Real Estate Agent”. The post attracted a … More

Building Your Starter List of Potential Clients

One of the tasks of a new Real Estate Agent is to compile a list of potential clients to target. In this article we … More

President’s Report 2014/2015

Introduction During the year 2014/2015 the issue which engaged uppermost attention of your Board of Directors was the finalisation of the draft legislation for … More

Source: Caribbean Journal – The Caribbean’s Fastest Growing Economies

Source: Caribbean Journal – The Caribbean’s Fastest Growing Economies United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) Website: Date: August … More

Are the Best Agents the Most Intelligent and Skilled Agents in the Market?

All great ideas evolve into hard work!! There is the mistaken belief that one has to be very intelligent and skilled to succeed in … More

Productivity is a Key Ingredient for Success as a Real Estate Agent

I like looking at Mad Men, the television series about the Advertising Executives on Madison Avenue in the 60s.  The focal point of the … More

Attracting New Customers

One of the keys to building a successful Real Estate practice is having a continuous supply of new customers and inventory suppliers. New clients … More

AREA Donates to the Cathedral Fund

The Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA) recently presented the Archbishop’s Appeal with a donation cheque towards the Restoration Fund for the Cathedral of … More

Valuation Surveyor on Land and Building Taxes: Homeowners in for a Shock

Many homeowners will be in for an unpleasant surprise when they go to pay their Land and Building Taxes under the new scheme announced … More

T&T Enters Prestigious Financial Intelligence Group

Story Created: Jul 8, 2013 at 9:20 PM ECT (Story Updated: Jul 9, 2013 at 5:05 PM ECT) Trinidad and Tobago’s entry into the … More

AREA’s 2013/2014 New Board of Directors & Standing Committees

New Board & Standing Committees

Best Practices for Real Estate 2013 Seminar

AREA 2013 Seminar A Success Why Value? (MF) The Law of Agency (SP) Real Estate Licensing Legislation (DG) Business Ethics for Real Estate (AG) … More

Best Practices for Real Estate 2012 Seminar

Global Prospect & Recover Fees and Stamp Duty on Conveyances and Mortgages Ensuring Good Title Conveyance Attorneys Cadastral Mapping

Best Practices for Real Estate 2011 Seminar

Trends – RE 2 (Power Point Presentation) Land & Tenants Presentation (Power Point Presentation) Anti-Money Laundering- AREA presentation (Power Point Presentation)

Best Practices for Real Estate 2010 Seminar

Landlord:Tenants-B.A-G (Power Point Presentation) A. Raymond Presentation A. Cozier Presentation A. Birchwood (Power Point Presentation)