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A Mindset of Growth for 2019

As we approach the end of a challenging year and prospects of an equally difficult New Year it is important that we transform our … More

Business Planning

As we approach the end of the year our minds turn to the New Year and with it our hopes for a better 2019. … More

Disruptive Strategy Versus Tortoise Strategy

A recent business ‘buzzword’ that is now bandied about is the word ‘disruptive’. A quick check on the word will give you 103 Million … More

Be Wary of Negative Communication

When you read the daily newspapers and look at local and international television news, one cannot help but come away with a very dim … More

Strategic Marketing In A Changing Market

Marketing experts tell us that times of market change usher in opportunities for newer or smaller players to upend established market leaders by finding … More

Is Your Real Estate Business A Career Or Vocation

Recently I came across the quotations below, in an article on vocation, and it led me to think of the difference between career and … More

Two Doves and Making Customers Happy

A few weeks ago, a large, white tip tail dove made her nest on one of the rafters of our roof. This was followed … More

Digital Advertising or Traditional Advertising

Recently much to the surprise of everyone in the Advertising Industry, there appeared in the news, an investigation into Sir Martin Sorrell, the talkative … More

The ‘Cloud’ & It’s Benefits To Your Business

The World of Business is Changing Depending on which side of the digital world you belong you tend to see things differently. If you … More

Climate Change

Within the past year the issue of Climate Change has come to concern me because of the experiences of many persons close to me. … More

Technology is overhauling Property Management…Are you keeping up?

Recently heard on BBC radio that India discovered some prehistoric tools, predating the usual timeline for Homo Sapiens, our human species. Apparently it was … More

Marketing Your Real Estate Practice with a One Page Marketing Plan, at little of no cost

Today’s Real Estate market is very competitive and would be clients have a range of agents from which to choose. Whether you are a … More

“Nudge Theory” and How to use it in your Real Estate Practice

Richard Thaler, the father of “nudge theory”, has been awarded the Nobel Economic Prize for 2017. His concept is a relatively simple idea that … More

Success Is Coming Your Way…Be Open To It

Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist and behavioral scientist who won the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences has claimed the following as his favourite … More

Climate Change is Here, Let’s Prepare

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Great Service to the Buyer is a Key to Success as a Real Estate Agent

Great Service is the Key to Success as a Real Estate Agent

Mobile Internet Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry

Perseverance an Integral Ingredient in achieving Success

Success Starts in the Mind

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Building Your Starter List of Potential Clients

President’s Report 2014/2015

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Productivity is a Key Ingredient for Success as a Real Estate Agent

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