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Vaccinate to Operate

The Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA) would like to thank  the TT Chamber, AMCHAM, TTCSI, the Ministry of Health and all related medical personnel and volunteers for availing us of the opportunity to vaccinate members of our Association through their private sector initiative. We also wish to remind our members that you must receive[...]
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Real Estate Industry Awaits Approval

The Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA) made an appeal on June 17, 2021 (and previously in April 2021 and September 2020) to the Ministry of Health, to have the Real Estate industry fully operational. While we are all anxious to return to work, the safety of our agents and clients, are of the utmost[...]
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T&T Real Estate Market 2021 | Part 2

Part Two | Real Estate Sector Post-Pandemic Recovery Plan Part One of this article ended on a note of encouragement for the private sector to begin immediately the task of recovering from the almost two-year lockdown of the real estate sector. As a non-essential service under present classifications, agents have been prevented from going out[...]
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T&T Real Estate Market 2021 | Part 1

Part One | Pandemic-Triggered Trends There is one fact that we can always count on.  Nothing happens without consequences.  Even if they are not seen or felt for a time while events play out, the point will come when an informed eye will spot the trends and begin to make sense of them. Let us[...]
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Yes, I Can Succeed in this Market

One of the common comments that I hear from many business-persons is that one cannot succeed in this present market. This or similar comments are usually followed by a list of negatives such as the present pandemic, the state of the economy, the physical ‘lockdown’ and the reduced activities of the mortgage institutions. While all[...]
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